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Artist Statement

I love working in colored pencil, scratchboard, and charcoal for their potential to render realistic images. As an artist I have always been stylistically interested in realism, which enables me to strive to capture the beauty of the natural world. Growing up in Minnesota, my favorite subject to work with is rocks from the shores of Lake Superior. I’ve spent much time on the shore which has allowed me to appreciate the beauty and wonder of this magical place. Here is where my soul finds peace. For me, drawing rocks is a chance for me to share that beauty and peace with others. I am fascinated by the variety of shapes, colors, and textures in each rock. I often contemplate how each rock has formed over millions of years. Beyond appreciating and capturing their natural beauty, I often try to communicate something meaningful about the human experience through the use of metaphor. It is my hope that my viewer can not only appreciate the realistic image for its beauty, but also relate to it on a deeper, metaphorical level. In addition to working with my typical subject matter, I also enjoy other subjects such as soda cans, lego bricks, or coins. I try to push my technical skills and experiment with various techniques and surfaces. My greatest hope is that my viewers appreciate the natural beauty in my work and connect with it in a meaningful way.

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