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Scott teaches workshops around the country and online. Registration is typically done through Ann Kullberg's website:

Check often to see upcoming workshops!


True value! I found the class very useful, especially the emphasis on values. Color is wonderful, but unless you have the correct value, there's no depth. Thank you Scott for helping me see the values.....excellent class!


Would give more stars if I could! Have loved Scott's art forever, so I jumped at the chance to learn how to accurately depict a lifelong interest- rocks and water. I was initially excited, then terrified, thinking it was going to be beyond my capabilities. Amazingly enough, Scott makes it very doable with a workbook that breaks the process down and clear demos. The process is applied to each kind of very different looking rock, and by the end you are able to apply and think with it for yourself. Scott is a high school teacher, so you know he has the patience of a saint! TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS CLASS!


Incredible Workshop! I had never worked with colored pencils before. When I saw Scott's River Rock workshop I knew I had to attend! I was dumbfounded that you could achieve such effects with pencils. Scott's talent is undeniable. He's amazing. And he is a great and patient instructor. Even though I had to miss the last few hours of instruction due to another obligation the workshop was still worth every penny. I feel like I learned a lot and am ready and eager to continue to explore this new medium. Thanks so much, Scott!


I highly recommend this course. Scott is a knowledgeable, detailed, caring, patient, and professional instructor. I had the honor of taking this course in person with Scott before the pandemic hit. I was a beginner with colored pencils, and wasn't sure if the course would be too hard for me, but I gave it a shot and I'm so glad I did!


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